Griffolyn PST Tape 4"x50' 


Griffolyn® Pressure Sensitive Tape (PST) 4" x 50'

Provided as a 4" wide by 50’ long roll, Griffolyn® Pressure Sensitive Tape is ideal for medium or long-term applications, including these tasks and more:

  • Greenhouse Film Repairs and Seams
  • Seams and Repairs of all Griffolyn® Reinforced Materials
  • Temporary Outdoor Cover Seams and Repairs
  •  Not sensitive to higher ambient temperatures or moisture.
  • Not easily removed once adhered to the joined substrates.
  • A silicone-coated paper release liner prevents the adhesive from bonding to the adjacent layers of material on the roll (this liner must be removed prior to use).
  • The backing for this tape is made from various reinforced Griffolyn® products, while the bonding side is a 10 mil hot melt adhesive.
  • This tape cannot be torn by hand, and must therefore be cut either with a pair of scissors or a utility knife.


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