Igloo Cellulose 25lb Bag 


Igloo Cellulose 25lb Bag

Igloo cellulose is an ideal overall insulation solution. With a single product applicable in the entire envelope of the building, you will be able to provide your customers with all the advantages and benefits of an efficient, affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Consists of 85% recycled newspaper and 15% other components that are safe, natural and biodegradable
  • Quickly installed by an approved installer, without toxic or VOC emissions
  • Does not contain ammonium sulphate
  • Offers an excellent thermal resistance of R-factor 3.7 per inch
  • Creates a solid barrier by fitting everywhere and enclosing even pipes and wires
  • Retains 100% of its insulating value in conditions of extreme cold weather, unlike other insulators.
  • The best cost/efficiency ratio of all insulation materials
  • Contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of the building's envelope
  • Provides your clientele with the opportunity to have substantial savings on their energy bill
  • Does not ignite and delays the spread of fire (More fire-resistant than most other types of insulation)
  • With its uniform density, will not sag and retains its insulating properties throughout the life of the building
  • The addition of boron salt and its pH-neutral formulation gives it anti-corrosive, anti-mold and anti-vermin properties
  • Excellent acoustic insulator capable of absorbing high frequencies of 200 to 2,000 hertz.

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