Tectum 1" 4'x8' Beveled Natural 


Tectum Ceiling Tile - Beveled 1" 4x8

  • Color: Natural
  • Now you can install 1" thick TECTUM on Trusses and I-Beams for added acoustics while maintaining an exposed structure visual on the deck
  • Tectum panels are Living Product Imperative Certified by the International Living Future Institute – 1" panels in White and Natural only
  • Tectum panels are part of the SUSTAIN portfolio and meet the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today – 1" panels in White and Natural only
  • Great retrofit solution for noise reduction
  • Excellent noise absorption – NRC up to 0.85 (1" panel, C-40 Mounting)
  • Can be field painted up to 6 times without impacting acoustic or fire performance
  • Variety of made-to-order color options available
  • Can be mechanically fastened to a wide variety of surfaces including masonry, drywall, wood, trusses, I-Beams, and more

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