USG Durabond 45 Minute Setting Compound 25 lb Bag 


USG Durabond 45 Minute Setting Compound 25lb Bag

Quick-setting drywall mud that provides low shrinkage and superior bond. Quick set times allow for one-day drywall finishing and next-day decoration of drywall interiors and exterior soffits. Sheetrock® Brand Durabond® Joint Compounds let you set the pace with a range of formulations that provide a choice in setting times. Excellent for projects like laminating gypsum panels to gypsum panels, sound-deadening boards and above-grade concrete surfaces.

  • For interior gypsum panels and exterior gypsum ceiling boards
  • Provide a hard, plaster-like surface when dry and are virtually unaffected by humidity.
  • Exceptional bond, low shrinkage
  • Unusual check-crack resistance in heavy fills
  • Choice of setting times


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