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Subject: Rated Ceiling
Question: I have an existing plaster ceiling on lath, and we need it to be 1 hour rated. It is over a garage with apt above. Will drywall on metal furring get us 1 hr?

Fire ratings are determined by the entire assembly, so it matters what the joists and floor are made of.  
   2 excellent options for looking up a UL Rating once you have all of the information.
        1. You can use http://www.usgdesignstudio.com/floorselector.asp
        2. Call 1-800-USG4YOU

Subject: Mud Too Smooth
Question: I just repaired a crack in my wall, but this area is much smoother than the rest of the wall. What can I do to make it look like the rest of the wall?

Depending on the texture you need to achieve, you can use the compound to rough up your smooth patch or mix sand with the paint you apply over the wall.

Subject: Pressure Treated Lumber and Steel Framing
Question: Will the pressure treated lumber effect the performance of galvanized steel framing?
Answer: Yes, the chemicals used to treat pressure treated lumber, when in direct contact with steel framing can corrode the steel over time.  The particulars of the reaction and suggestions for using pressure treated lumber in conjunction with steel framing have been documented by the Steel Framing Alliance on the following web page.

Subject: Drywall Screws
Question: How many screws should be used on each sheet of 4'x8' drywall? If going over plaster with 1/2" drywall, how long a screw is recommended?
Answer: Each 4'x8' sheet requires approximately 40 screws.  The length of the screw you will require depends on the thickness of the plaster you are going through, there should about 1/2" of screw in the studs.
Subject: Compound Coverage
Question: Is there a formula to figure out how many boards of drywall and pails of joint compound are needed based on square footage of the area?
Answer: One 5 gallon pail of joint compound will finish between 450 and 500 square feet of drywall, or 10, 4'x12' sheets.
Subject: Veneer Plaster
Question: Are contractors using a base coat (scratch coat)on the seams and corners before applying the finish coat of plaster, or are they leaving it rough for the finish coat?
Answer: A few plasterers try different applications on their seams because of cracking issues they are experiencing. It is a false assumption that the basecoat will perform any better than the DIAMOND or IMPERIAL plasters when joint or corner cracking occurs. Cracking is most often related to movement within the structure, but jobsite conditions that the "plasterer" and builder should be controlling could be adding to the problem, i.e. heat, water, bag goods and surface temperatures, relative humidity, air flow, etc.
Subject: Custom Cut Metal Studs
Question: Can I order metal studs cut to size?
Answer: Yes, give us your exacts heights (minimum quantities) and we will be ready to deliver ASAP.
Subject: Tested Fire and Sound Assemblies
Question: How can I find specific Fire and Sound Rated Assemblies for walls and ceilings?
Answer: USG has made this easy. Please follow the link below and enter the ratings you wish to achieve.

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