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Subject: Basement ceiling
Question: I am finishing my basement and would like to install a suspended ceiling. Do you have displays at your locations and do you need to be a contractor to buy from you. Also, how do I figure out what I need. Thanks, Joe
Answer: We have displays in most of our showrooms, the most extensive being at our Woburn location. We are open to the public and take all major credit cards. Our trained sales staff will help you figure out the materials needed for the job.
Subject: Sand Swirl Finish Ceiling Tile
Question: I am looking for a ceiling tile to match or compliment my original basement ceiling which has a sand swirl finish with a random pattern. What can you recommend?

There is a good chance that the tile in your basement is USG Sandrift, but to get an accurate assessment of your existing tile, we recommend bringing a piece of the tile into one of our convenient locations to match up to a sample before ordering.

Subject: Ceiling Tile Odor
Question: We had someone install the ceiling tiles last week and since then there has been a strange odor in the basement (where they were installed). Is this normal? Will the smell eventually go away? We have opened the windows to try to air out the smell but it doesn't seem to help.
Answer: Slight odors are not unusual and usually dissipate after a short period of time.
Subject: Ceiling Tile Replacement
Question: I'm looking to replace the existing; ceiling tiles in my basement with a basic white acoustic tile. The grid system is in good shape. What low cost product would you recommend?
Answer: Kamco stocks several different, economical tile options, your best bet is to visit one of our conveniently located showrooms to choose the best option for you.
Subject: Washable Kitchen Ceiling Tile
Question: I'm looking to replace the existing 2x2 tiles in a kitchen area and would like something I can clean in the future. Can your recommend a product?
Answer: USG makes a 2'x2' or 2'x4', Sheetrock Brand vinyl faced gypsum tile
Kamco stocks this product in most of our locations.
Subject: Armstrong Cirrus Tile
Question: What is the BF designation on Armstrong's Cirrus lay-in tile. I do not see the description of the BF in the Armstrong material datasheet.
Answer: The two letters at the end of an Armstrong tile code refers to the plant which the tile was manufactured at. 
BF designates that the tile was made at the Beaver Falls, PA plant.
Subject: Shadow Molding
Question: How do you make up an inside corner with the shadow molding so as not to see an opening?
Answer: The best way to treat an inside corner is to mitre and cope, just as you would crown molding.  You may also use a pre-formed corner, see Armstrong's 7861 corner http://www.armstrong.com/common/c2002/content/files/15099.pdf, these are non-stock and available in full cartons only.
Subject: suspended ceiling clips
Question: I have an Armstrong suspended ceiling in my store and I am in search of a clip that attaches to the grid, and can be used to hang a sign from.

Kamco stocks a two part clip, called a barnacle clip, which forms a hook to hang items from the grid on.  The barnacle clips can be installed easily over existing 15/16".  

Subject: Changing a 2'x4' Ceiling to 2'x2'
Question: I have a drop ceiling in my restaurant with basic panels that I would like to replace without changing the whole system. It is currently 24"x48" I would like to make it 24"x24". What considerations should I take into account before attempting and does your company sell replacement panels?
Answer: You have a couple options in this situation. One is to buy 2' cross tees and divide the 2'x4' areas in half and then purchase new 2'x2' tiles. Another option is to purchase a 2'x4' tile scored in the middle, giving the illusion that it is a 2'x2' tile. There are also tiles available that give the illusion of 12"x12" tile or linear planks in a variety of styles. Kamco stocks several different styles and options.
Subject: Air Tight Ceiling Installation
Question: Do you know of a ceiling tile with a rubber edge in the metal so that air can not escape?
Answer: The most economical way to do this is with gasketed grid. This is a typical clean room application.

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