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Subject: Floor Soundproofing
Question: What materials do you suggest to soundproof a ceiling between kitchen and bedroom above?

If the ceiling or floor is stripped to the joists the best product for stopping the transmission of sound between floors or rooms is a mass loaded vinyl.  This heavy 1/8" thick rubber membrane should be fastened to the joists, seams taped, and covered with your finish material, the membrane can not be left exposed.  http://www.pinta-elements.com/en/home/technical-specs.html?product=343


Subject: R Value of Sonex
Question: What is the R Value achieved by Sonex panels?
Answer: Sonex panels have an R-value of 4 per inch.
Subject: Sound proofing
Question: I am looking for a product to put in the ceiling to block the sound from the upstairs neighbors. What is that product called and where can I find it.
Answer: The best product for this application would be illbruck's ProSpec Barrier. The barrier is installed before the drywall, seams are taped with foil tape and then the drywall ceiling can be finished as usual.  Kamco stocks 54"x60' and 54"x20' rolls of ProSpec Barrier available for immediate delivery. 

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